About Me

Painting is an act of self discovery…while I believe myself to be exploring nature’s habitat or the human condition; I am actually disclosing my own fragile connection to those things. While the temporal existence anyone of us has can be recorded with a touch of a finger to an iPhone, an artist  brings the image to life after the day is gone by weaving together light, color, texture with the forms and shapes. I am challenged to tackle such a task and blessed to get lost in the magic and mystery of the process of painting, no matter the topic at hand.

Born: Massachusetts

Raised: Montana


University of Nevada Reno

University of Montana, Billings

Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snow Mass, Colorado

Memphis Art Academy

Professional Experience:

Artist-in-residence coordinator and art teacher in NV Public Schools

President of Nevada Art Educators


Thomas Moran Fellowship for Yellowstone Park Artist-in-Residence

NV representative, National Master Art Teacher Retreat, Johnson Art Studios, Johnson, Vermont


Mining the Treasures: Contemporary Comstock Artists, edited by Mary Beth Elam

Illustrated Snowmelt by Shaun Griffin, Black Rock Press, UNR

Work is in private collections throughout the western United States and is currently represented by the Carson City Art Gallery.