The Women’s Project

The Women’s Project: I decided to do this series to honor some of the women I have known in northern Nevada for the last 30 years. They are women who I admire or respect for their part in the community in which I have lived. All work will be gifted to the women or their families at the end of the project. All are oil on canvas or MDF board.

“Every oil portrait represents the choice a woman made to create a possible life: painter, archeologist, educator, actress, gardener, bartender, and all the roles that become an amalgam of women: mother, wife, and breadwinner. It is a catalog of women at this time: how they live here—where the obvious rewards of money and prestige are missing. The women gather you in their stories because they are larger than any individual rendering. They are like stones of witness. They account for what has been lost and what, by way of persistence, has been made from their flesh, their art. It is this art that Karen Kreyeski has captured in Comstock Women.”  Shaun Griffin, Poet, Virginia City, Nevada